The documentary


Flyers is a documentary feature film that seeks to explore out-of-body experiences — also known as astral travels — from a personal and intimate perspective.

Nathalia Vernizzi, having experienced this phenomenon since her childhood and dissapointed with the information she finds on the subject, decides to embark on a journey to find her own answers, documenting her findings and personal growth along the way.

On her travels Nathalia finds other ‘flyers’: people who, like her, also have out-of-body experiences on a daily basis. Talking with them brings forth new ideas and perspectives, painting a bigger picture that will help us better understand this phenomenon.

Flyers is a personal exploration full of reflections and emotions; it’s a journey through identity, memory and the unknown from a serene and lyrical perspective.

This documentary originates from the need to shed light on a reality that, being more common than we might think, it is hardly ever openly discussed.  It aims to spark up conversation and debate, putting a spotlight on this aspect of the human experience that is often left in the shadows.

Perhaps it holds more answers  than we can dare to imagine.


These are our ‘flyers’, the people that share with us their perspectives, knowledge and experiences in this film:

Alberto Cabral

Wagner Alegretti

Nanci Trivellato

Meire J. Costa

Lázaro Freire

Enki Mingrone

Pau Hernández

Andrea Campos

Rosa Mª Busqueta

Wagner Borges

Saulo Calderon

Moisés Esagüi

Liliane Moura

Fernando Picheli

Cesar S. Machado

Roberto Pineda

Wladimir Antonio

Xènia Tura


Direction, Production & Edition: Nathalia Vernizzi
Cinematography: Eloy Couceiro
Sound Design: Pol Galofre
Original Soundtrack: Jabi Nespral
Interpreted by: Rottenhorses
Post-Production: Jesús RCP
Color Grading: Juan Galva
Mixing & Recording Studio: LaBonne
Post-production Studio: Antaviana Films
Color Grading Studio: Celluloid Visual Effects
Support: Película Invertida

This film was successfully financed in a Crowdfunding Campaign at Ulule thanks to more than 200 amazing crowdfunders.
Thank you all for your support!

An Oniria production, all rights reserved (Dep. Legal B 3695-2020).

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